Super Mario 4

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Super Mario 4

Post  Mr.LaNdY on Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:31 am

The purpose of game consists in control of main hero - plumber Mario. The cantilever versions Super Mario allowed for the possibility of simultaneous game two together. The second character they called Luigi - hence and word Bros (in abbreviated form from brothers - brothers) in the complete name of game. Your task consists in select through the fungus kingdom, destroying on the motion of the game of enemy soldiers (fungi, tortoise, predatory plants, etc.). Enemy can be destroyed either by shot or after jumping to it on top. Each level is divided into several sublevels, and at the end of each level for you it is necessary to be slain with the "boss". During the game Mario assembles coins and collects glasses, for which are obtained additional lives and another bonusy. Some bonusy and glasses are hidden in the invisible places, and water pipes hide the additional of mini bonus the levels (for the entry in them it is necessary to harvest button "downward", being located on the pipe). Extremely simple control and subject in many respects, until now, are the reason for popularity and prevalence of this game.

Download: Super_Mario_4.rar
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